Guided Tours in Cagliari and in the South of Sardinia
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Archaeological Cagliari and Botanical Gardens

This tour brings a passion for archaeology and a love of nature together, focusing on the two areas of Cagliari of major historical importance during the Roman era, Marina and Stampace. Reconstructed during the Middle Ages, they still hide today statements of an older epoch, in which the city appeared in a totally different form to the one we now see.

The archaeological site of Sant’Eulalia, which lies under the floor of the church, was discovered by chance in the 1990s, revealing an urban ambient that was still unknown and giving the population a missing fragment of history. Since then, the study on the Roman district of the present-day Marina has been carried out for the great importance of the place. Near to the port, it has disclosed precious elements, such as the paved streets, a small temple and the remains of domestic rooms.

In the district of Stampace the most relevant area, we find the rich Orto Botanico, planned in 1864 in a position sheltered from the wind. It contains cisterns and Roman wells that have been known since the time of construction of the gardens.

The visit shifts from the discovery of significant historical places, which will enchant and amaze you, to a pleasant walk in one of the coolest and greenest areas of the city centre.

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