Guided Tours in Cagliari and in the South of Sardinia
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Archeological Site of Nora and Pula

The ancient port of Nora, once important navigation trading centre in the Mediterranean, is one of the main archaeological areas in Sardinia. The city, 30 kilometres south-west of Cagliari, boasts historical remains from the Nuragic era and from the first Phoenician settlement dating to VIII century BC. Nowadays, the relics which most testify the greatness of Nora belong to the Carthaginian and Roman periods, in which the city acquired fame and prosperity, reflected in an incredible urban development and in the growth of population. This age of progress can be seen in the beautiful Roman theatre, unique in Sardinia, in the thermal baths, in the temples, in the paved streets and in the precious mosaics of Patrician villas.

Walking among the ruins of this ancient civilization, you will make a journey back in time and will discover the true reality of a developed city of the I century AD. The gorgeous ensemble will be enriched by the view of the Torre del Coltellazzo, over the promontory which stands over the beach. This golden beach will also lead you to the small church of Sant’Efisio, martyr and patron of Sardinia.

The visit to the Museo Archeologico G. Patroni of Pula, a small and lively town, will take place at the end of this tour in the charming south coast of the island.

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