Guided Tours in Cagliari and in the South of Sardinia
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Boat Tour

For people who love the sea this is a truly unique trip. If you like contact nature, you will enjoy the gentle landscape of the Gulf of Cagliari, gliding on the water with a sailboat. A boat trip is the best way to enjoy an exclusive perspective of the natural coves and cliffs, carved by the waves on the south coast of Sardinia.

It starts from Cagliari and the day will continue exploring the Golfo degli Angeli (Bay of Angels), miles of coastline, the cliffs, punctuated by deep incisions, which are interrupted by impressive coves and beaches, the real gems of the Mediterranean. The coast can be discovered in a succession of images and colours that make navigation fast and pleasant, only interrupted by pauses to allow you to swim in the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. The tour we offer is a dive into history, nature, fishing and cooking traditions of the island, sailing through seas that thousands of years ago were furrowed by the Carthaginian and Roman ships and places where you can still breathe the maritime culture and taste the traditional dishes of Sardinia.

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