Guided Tours in Cagliari and in the South of Sardinia
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Cagliari by night

Night is the best moment to live and enjoy Cagliari, which lights up in a lively and elegant atmosphere: its terraces with their gorgeous sea views, the facades of its ancient buildings and its softly lit streets gain a particular appeal, absent during daytime. Even at sunset you will have the opportunity to carry on with the discovery of this historically rich city, thanks to a visit in which you will walk the old neighborhoods and listen to stories, curious details and legends relating to them. Wandering around illuminated squares, palaces, towers and bastions, one will take pleasure in getting to know the city in the shadowy light of the evening, in the same streets which are also meeting places during summer nights.
The panorama over the port and over the gleaming city will transport you into a magical and merry atmosphere, in a game of light and shadows that will allow you to admire the full beauty of
Cagliari by Night.

At the end of the tour we will offer you a good homemade ice cream and lead you to the best places where you can sip delicious cocktails and taste local wines to enjoy this marvelous city fortress overlooking the sea.

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