Guided Tours in Cagliari and in the South of Sardinia
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Markets and Craft

The picturesque alleys of the old city are the protagonists of this original tour, which is characteristic at the same time and which will guide you to discover the best markets and shops in town. The artisans’ workshops in the districts of Castello and Marina offer a considerable variety of products, which you will appreciate thanks to the help of the tourist guide that will accompany you during your shopping in search of articles of the finest quality, to take back with you on your way home. Among typical workshops, groceries and food shops, you will taste the best products that are rooted in the territory, in its customs and in its history.

The tour is made for curious people and for lovers of traditional cooking and it will be enriched by anecdotes about city life, traditions in arts and crafts and in food making. It will vary according to visitors desires. For whoever loves the taste of homemade food and wants to discover local recipes, for whoever wants to discover the traditional specialities such as wine, oil or cheese, or also for whoever wants to find precious handicrafts such as jewels, pottery, baskets or embroidered pillows, this pleasant walk will be the way to enter the world of tradition and artisan culture of the city.

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