Guided Tours in Cagliari and in the South of Sardinia
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Medieval Cagliari

Walking the streets of Cagliari, an ancient city of everlasting charm, the words of D. H. Lawrence’s come to mind who described, almost a hundred years ago, the city as a “white Jerusalem, naked and steep, a stony but golden territory”. Its long history - which dates back to the Phoenician age of Karalis, lived through Roman domination, during which period Cagliari became the capital of the island and an important municipium, and survived a series of foreign dominions - reflects on the great variety of artistic elements and on the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the place.

A visit to the old district of Castello offers the visitor the chance to get to know the history of The Middle Ages in Cagliari. In the small streets of the old town, that recall those of some Spanish villages, you will be able to read the historical events that have marked the last seven centuries of the city’s life and that intersect with the political chronicle of Italy and Europe.

The tour will lead you to the seats of Civil power (Palazzo Reale) and Religious power (Cattedrale di Santa Maria), a masterpiece of artistic variety resulting from the long succession of different civilizations. Furthermore, the massive Torri Medievali, the Basilica di Santa Croce and the Bastioni will provide an opportunity to talk about the ups and downs of history in Sardinia. The high position of the district will allow you to admire the city in its splendid entirety, showing the view of the sea and of the wide and sinuous surrounding landscape.

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