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Su Nuraxi - Barumini

nuraghe is a typical Sardinian structure dating from the II millennium B.C. until the Roman period, a Bronze Age Castle made up of four towers formed by big stones, for religious and defensive purposes. They are supposed to be the biggest megalithic structures in Europe and entering in one of these great monuments will take you to a new and out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere.

Su Nuraxi” in Barumini is the most important monument of the Nuragic Civilization in Sardinia and because of its complexity and its excellent condition it was included in the World Heritage List by Unesco in 1997. Here you will experience the mysterious life in Sardinia 3500 years ago, visiting the nuragic towers, going through narrow passages got out of the mighty walls, crossing the labyrinthine village with narrow paths, ancient mud huts and picturesque cisterns and wells which made “Su Nuraxi” an unconquerable fortress. In the same village of Barumini you will enjoy the visit to “Casa Zapata”, a Seventeenth – century house built on the ruins of an ancient nuraghe that now hosts the archaeological finds of the megalithic structure but also a historical and ethnographic section, that will help you discover more of the culture of this enchanting millenary island.

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