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The island of Sant'Antioco

The island of Sant’ Antioco is the fourth largest island in Italy. Located 84 km south-west of Cagliari, the island is connected to Sardinia by an artificial isthmus. It has important archaeological sites and beautiful beaches. The Phoenicians, Punics and Romans have left numerous traces of their civilizations.
The tour includes a visit to the Archaeological Museum Barreca, where the Punic and Roman artefacts found in archaeological excavations on the island are kept. The museum is located in the ancient Punic Tophet, a cemetery reserved for children.
The tour continues at the village of Sant’Hypogeum, unique in its kind: it is an ancient area of the Punic necropolis that was desecrated by the islanders, who used the ancient burial chambers as a home to escape the Arabic raids. A particular tour in the life of the "Gruttaius", name given to these villagers.
A day in Sant' Antioco can not but include a visit to the Basilica of the eponymous martyr, erected in the fifth century on the site of the martyrdom of the saint, and the underlying catacombs, which are among the earliest evidence of Christianity in Sardinia. Being an island, there are countless beaches with turquoise coloured seas that will make your day even more enjoyable.

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