Guided Tours in Cagliari and in the South of Sardinia
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Underground Cagliari

The journey through history, during which you will visit the caves in Underground Cagliari, is an unexpected experience. Leaving the heat of summer for a few hours, you will walk into a magical and fascinating ambient. The underground rooms have stories to tell, much more than one can imagine.

The Cripta di Santa Restituta, a magnificent example of late-Roman and Byzantine architecture, is a monument in memory of the Christian martyr Restituta, of African origin. The many vicissitudes which involved the crypt have made it one of the most historically relevant places in the city.

The Anfiteatro Romano, with its underground tunnels, is a great surprise for all visitors, when they discover almost intact rooms: prisoners and gladiators’ cells, stock rooms, exotic animal cages and mortuaries.

The Cavità delle Cinque Colonne, ancient quarry, has been a place of transit for people for centuries, until its last use as an antiaircraft shelter during World War II. The same happened to the Galleria-Rifugio di via Don Bosco, of more recent construction; this long and striking tunnel was also used as a strategic escape during the conflict between Sardinians and Piedmonts.

This original and intriguing tour shows the city and its history from an exclusive and totally unusual perspective.

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