Guided Tours in Cagliari and in the South of Sardinia
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Maidopis Park and Museum of Science

An original tour, which will allow you to discover the less known and most beautiful forest of the island. The park is located in Maidopis, Sarrabus, in the south-east of Sardinia about thirty kilometres from Cagliari. It is part of the Regional Park of the Seven Brothers - Monte Genis.

It is a very valuable site from a naturalistic point of view, due to the dense vegetation and abundant wildlife.

Thanks to the different paths, you can immerse yourself in the typical Mediterranean woodland, consisting of oaks, cork oaks, strawberry trees, heather and myrtle. The fauna too thrives here, with a great variety of species. There are boars, martens, wild cats, dormice, a large colony of Sardinian deer, wild sheep and fallow deer. The bird life is well represented by birds of prey: the golden eagle, the buzzard, the goshawk and the peregrine falcon are present in the area.

The visit is made even more interesting thanks to the Museum of Sardinian deer. A visit to the Museum of Natural History in Cagliari is included in the tour.

The museum shows the chronology of geological events and biological evolution of living organisms and their environment that generated the current marvellous biodiversity.

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